1987 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ73


After my wife and I were able to use a Land Rover Defender 110 in daily use for several years, the desire for a "real" 4x4 was great. The decision was quickly made for a Toyota Land Cruiser J7 Heavy Duty. The vehicle can be moved with a historic license plate and the 3.5 liter suction diesel engine is good for 1 million and more kilometers.

After a long search, a suitable restoration object was found in Antwerp. Some expensive work, like the overhaul of the brakes and the wheels, had already been done on the Toyota Land Cruiser BJ73. The engine was well run in with 260,000 km. The rest was "business as usual". The car was completely disassembled into its components. Even the complex all-wheel drive transmission, the engine and all differentials were reworked that way. The body was also completely disassembled and welded, sealed and painted in the original color. All suspension parts were renewed.

Toyota Land Cruiser BJ73 with Kangal dogs Aslan and Kalea

Our Kangals Aslan and Kalea on tour

Today the car is in perfect condition and is used as a transporter for our two guard dogs. It belongs to the family and is a lot of fun to drive thanks to its robustness and ease of maintenance. The motto for our "bush taxi" is rightly: 

oyota Land Cruiser Heavy Duty - everything else is a toy.


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