1962 Rover P4 - Model 100  

Rover P4 in brochure Oldtimer-PraxisThe Rover P4 has a special role in my restorer life. My first classic car, a 1971 MB Pagoda 280 SL, had to be sold. Due to the birth of our first son, the two-seater was no longer en vogue. Trips with the baby seat were not possible. After that I was taken in by a salesman from our neighboring country. A Citroen 11 CV BL was bought. Enough space was available. However, the car was in a very bad condition. The newspaper was covered with putty. So I had not imagined the inner fender of a perfect car. Therefore something new was searched.

The choice was a 1962 Rover P4 100, which was offered in Tenterden in the south of England. As usual it was much worse than expected. After I had done the drive home on my own wheels, the decision was made. The Rover P4 nicknamed "Auntie" should be restored from scratch. 1500 hours later and after many cold days in my unheated garage I could make the maiden voyage. But read for yourself!

After 12 years it became visible that a car from the 60's needs a lot of affection, care and regular trips. Rubber seals became brittle and the leather dry. By this time, however, my interest was in the very early pre-WWI brass cars. These are a bit more frugal and structurally simpler in build. Not wanting to jeopardize the still very good condition of the Rover P4, the car was sold to a good friend in northern Germany.

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