The Motorremise

Motorremise is the German word for a garage or depot for motorized vehicles. My "Motorremise" is a private collection of early automobiles. Since the late eighties I have been occupied with historic automobiles. My wife supports me and enjoys the summer trips in historic cars.

Claudia und Clemens Heddier with Kiblinger
Claudia and Clemens with their 1907 Kiblinger

  After a short time my interest has shifted to the early pre-war cars. I am particularly fond of the motor carriages from the time before the World War I. These vehicles fascinate everyone who looks at them. These vehicles bring a smile to the face of everyone who sees them. The technology used at that time is logical and comprehensible. Problems with volatile plasticizers in the plastic, cheap vinyl leather or brittle rubber seals are just as absent as rare chrome parts that cannot be bought even for good money. Pre-war car owners are a community that is happy to share their knowledge and be helpful.

My goal is to find vehicles that are largely original and have not lost their charm and authenticity through previous restorations. I search for them worldwide and use various contacts and networks. After I have found such a jewel, I spend a lot of time researching its history. For this I use various sources, such as my book collection and the libraries of the national automobile associations and museums. Thanks to my profession, I have contact with professional restorers who work for museums on a daily basis. The "Turin Charter" is one of my basic rules. It promotes the protection of original parts and surfaces. Because "original" is always better than "new".

  Claudia und Clemens Heddier with De Dion Bouton
Cranking is fun - 1908 De Dion Bouton

I have been restoring pre-war vehicles for over 30 years. My masterpiece was finding, researching the history and restoring a 1900 Voiturette Bertrand, but I also restored a Rover P4 registered the day before I was born and a large volume 1914 American La France Speedster. Currently two London/Brighton cars are in my possession. The 1903 Knox is currently being restored and the Eldredge Runabout with its 2 cylinders, 3 speed transmission and comfortable chassis was a luxurious vehicle back in 1904.

The website is intended to promote interest in early automobiles and to provide useful information. I am happy to support with my knowledge, experience and contacts. I am glad about every contact.  

You would like to talk to me directly? Please call +49 (0) 172 533 0000.

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