Electronic protection of automobiles

Besides my interest in pre-war automobiles, I occupy myself professionally with the electronic security of exhibits in museums and exhibitions. heddier electronic GmbH, which I founded in 1989, has developed the Human Detector security technology. These sensors are used in many museums to secure works of art and exhibits.

With Human Detector, many motor museums and private collectors secure their vehicles in the exhibition halls. The spectrum ranges from London-Brighton cars to Hypercars in the Arab Emirates. The small sensors detect all attempts to touch the vehicle. The TV station WDR reported about this. Click on the picture and watch the German TV broadcast. 

        Copyright Westdeutscher Rundfunk

Thanks to my qualification as an electrical engineer and the restoration experience, I have found ways to install the security technology invisibly in vehicles. The goal is to secure a vehicle against theft and vandalism without making visible technical changes. If someone tries to tamper with your car, an alarm is immediately triggered (to different destinations if desired). The complete monitoring of your vehicles - in the garage, exhibition hall or during the journey out - are possible with technical means today. If you wish, I can put you in touch with car insurers who will honor this service with discounted conditions. Should you be interested, we can arrange an appointment in my showroom. Here you can convince yourself of the efficiency of the products.

You would like to talk to me directly? Please call +49 (0) 172 533 0000.

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